First off, tell us about ASA, and what made you want to join?

M: Afghan Student Association is a club that has a family aspect to it. 

M: Family aspect was the biggest thing for me to join. I grew up in Canada for 17 years and I didn’t know much about my culture and about Afghanistan. So joining this club, meeting the members, and learning things like the different accents we have, how we speak and the small things like the food we make slowly made me become apart of a big family. And its growing every year. 

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As a 98s kid, growing up in the final stages of the raw Grunge era, I will admit - I’ve been waiting for this moment. Public figures, and the music industry, specifically what we would call Soundcloud rappers, are reviving Grunge through their lifestyle, fashion, and vibes.

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We are surrounded by stereotypes every day of our lives. You can see this on TV portrayed in sitcoms or that funny movie you watched, but it’s not such a joke when stereotypes are the only thing that can lead you to rags or riches. In the music industry, fashion plays a huge part of a bigger picture. An artist’s fashion can determine their success as a singer or songwriter, leading their work to become a viral hit or fall into the bottomless pit of iTunes charts. The main issue is that certain genres have fostered specific stereotypes and expectations, in terms of fashion, to express themselves the “right” way. Oftentimes, the main target of these stereotypes is women, especially women of colour. The hip-hop genre is a huge ringer for this.We see so many artists who claim to be apart of this genre, to be deemed as “cool” or “swagged out”, rocking chains and diamonds. Who blames them? Most of the songs talk about how balling these artists are and ultimately how great it is to live in a pool of money.

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