As a 98s kid, growing up in the final stages of the raw Grunge era, I will admit - I’ve been waiting for this moment. Public figures, and the music industry, specifically what we would call Soundcloud rappers, are reviving Grunge through their lifestyle, fashion, and vibes.


Popular Youtuber, Alyssa Forever, can be seen here sporting a black bralette, black unzipped sweater, cameo pants, and black sleek booties. It’s a sleek look; a blend of harsh and soft, with an aura of 90s fashion. Denim and leather jackets are also making a comeback, and when paired with a somewhat distressed iconic band shirt, the outfit has that early 2000s emo-like nighttime vibe - absolutely perfect for a dinner, a concert, or a party!


Above, the outfit is comprised of a Jimi Hedrix distressed top, faux leather skirt and a jean jacket. Not only is the outfit perfectly versatile from morning to night, but it can keep up with the lifestyle of a young adult (trust me!)


Chase Atlantic also evokes that feeling and style. It’s the rebirth of grunge infused with pop beats. It’s ingenious actually: it leads one to wonder if is it possible that today’s society evoked this kind of music which gave birth to a mix of grunge and pop or if the two have been growing side by side all this time.

It’s a style helpless to human fragility, which accepts life as being unpredictable - so it’s composed of articles of clothing one could have fallen asleep in, and will slide out of bed and go out again in the next day.

There is something timeless about accepting that our existence is temporary. It’s the celebration of our humanity, in its rawest form. It’s the “I don’t care what I look like”. It’s the mix and match of articles of clothing, because they individually make one feel good. It’s the acceptance of femininity and masculinity.


Here Lil Uzi challenges societal expectations of how he’s supposed to dress.  This outfit caused a media frenzy but you can’t deny that this is a bold outfit devoid of people’s opinions.

We live in a time where fashion is constantly challenging societal ideals of what is acceptable. It’s the beginning of something old being woven into something new.

By: Jack Osadebamwen

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